Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Creative Writing

I have come back from my creative writing group buzzing. It is such a welcome oasis, listening quietly to others sharing their work. Marvelling at the differing styles of writing. Swapping tales and laughter, and sometimes, as today, a spine chilling short story, that leaves you shaken, with its impact.

I have only been to this group a few times, but I have already noticed the difference it has made to my own writing. The simple act of collaboration seems to stimulate the creative process somehow, giving you, an often much needed boost. It has left me desperate to get back down to my writing, which is a shame, as I have already arranged to go out this evening. I will have to postpone my novel and settle for a quick blog.

Having stopped for a hastily eaten meal, I notice that the buzz has all but subsided and feel it may well have been induced by the strong coffee I was given and the sneaky cigarettes, yes two of them! that I consumed, while I was there. I have given up smoking, but succumbed to the dreaded weed when I was offered it, much to the annoyance of my loved ones. But hey! if you can't have a ciggie with friends, at the creative writing group, what is the world coming to. Oh great, now I am getting a hard time for drinking the coffee. This is starting to be a bit like hard work. Maybe next week I should take a packet of raisins and a bottle of orange squash, in the hopes that I don't face retribution on my return.

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