Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sunny Day

What a glorious day we have had today. My oldest daughter Natalie came over for dinner today with her boyfriend James. It is always lovely to see them. Andrew, my youngest has had his birthday present early, to coincide with the Easter holiday. He has been drumming away on his Xbox Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit for a couple of days now. This afternoon the whole gang were there, Natalie singing, Andrew on drums and Camilla and James on guitars, so we had a whole band going on in the living room, it looked so funny.

While they were playing Andrew and I popped down to the local hardware shop to buy more tubs to plant veggies in and some fresh compost. We have been enjoying the sunshine in the back garden and planting up our runner beans, tomatoes and marrow into tubs. They are now in a row in the sunshine with the herbs we grew from seed a few weeks ago. So soon we will have chives, thyme and parsley to go with them. Mmmmm I am imagining some lovely home made pasta sauces there!! Just what we need to go with the rocket seeds we got today and some night scented stock to scatter round the garden, that we can enjoy while we are eating all that great food.

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