Sunday, 19 April 2009

Restaurant Review

I was given the idea of reviewing restaurants by the owner of one I visited while travelling a few weeks ago. I will come back to this visit in another blog.

Today, as you know, we went to Overstrand. While we were there we had Sunday Lunch at the White Horse Public House. What a mistake. I was offended by the pieces of meat I was served, they were so fatty. As you can see, from the amount I left on the plate. The meal looked very pretty, but we were served three very small roast potatoes, that were said to have been cooked in goose fat. They may well have been, but they must have been deep fried afterwards and for way too long. The red wine gravy tasted quite nice, but it was nearly cold. About the only thing they got right was the vegetables.

So all in all it was not a very pleasant experience. When they asked if everything had been alright, they obviously didn't really want to know. The look we got given for not being totally overwhelmed by there pitiful offering was very sour. Oh well, we have learnt where not to eat next time. We will probably go into Cromer and get fish and chips.

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