Saturday, 18 April 2009


Last night I joined the dizzy heights of setting up a facebook account. For me this is an enormous breakthrough and something that Andrew has been trying to get me to do for some weeks now. I am a complete technophobe and it takes me some time to work my way round these different sites. For some reason, my mind just isn't organised the right way for the internet to become something that I am resonating with.

However there is some hope for me, I now have the said facebook page up and running and not only that, I have started a group called 'Reflections of a Multiple', so people can share my poetry with me and vice versa. You can check out my profile using this link

I am also hosting the Summer Poetry Competition - The winner of this will receive a signed copy of my book 'Reflections of a Multiple' and their winning poem will be featured on my website. For entry details please visit

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